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Cultural Foods

I personally think that the best part of living in Canada is that I get to enjoy so many different ethnic foods: Korean, Indian, Chinese, Japanese, Mexican… all sorts of delicious culture foods. As some of you may also enjoy these ethnic foods like I do, have you ever concern if they are really healthy for you?

All of us may have our own preference when it comes to making food choices, depending on different family background, eating habits, or health expectations. One thing that I believe is crucial when choosing our food is that we should be able to enjoy what we eat! Imaging having to eat the healthiest food that you hate every single day, is there anything that can make your days more unexciting?

Luckily, choosing the ethnic foods we love isn’t that much of a big deal when it comes to health. In fact, different traditional diets can provide different nutritional value. The key here is that you consume a well-balanced diet with lots of fruits and vegetables, and moderate consumption on meat and fat. No matter which ethnic diet you choose to have, following the healthy diet recommendations is always smart. For example, some traditional diets offer recommendations like the Mediterranean and Middle Eastern food pyramid, the Asian food pyramid, and the Latin food pyramid. These recommendations can all serve as a guideline to help you make the healthy food choice. Remember, healthy eating can always be pleasant!

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