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No food is good or bad, everyone deserves a treat...

Menu Planning: School / Day Care


  • 5 Days meal plan for various types (Weekly Cycle)

  • Healthy Meals and Snacks

  • Canada's Food Guide Compliance

  • Inclusion of Fresh & Frozen vegetables and fruits

  • Variety of Whole Grain, Dairy and Protein products

  • Inclusion of beverages

  • Meets the needs of Children based on age group

  • Based on Legislative requirements and Standards


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Menu Review: School / Day Care

  • Menu review based on legislative requirement and Canada's Food Guide

  • Recommendations for inclusion of healthy meals and snacks

  • Healthy cooking methods

  • Portions & Beverages

  • Distribution of Nutirents

  • Consideration of special requirements

  • Approval letter with recommendations

  • Recommendations for Food Handling and Administration


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Nutrient Analysis: Restaurants & Hotels

  • Menu Review

  • Recipe analysis / assessment

  • Nutrient Distribution

  • Menu recommendations

  • Therapeutic considerations

  • Submission on deadlines

  • Staff interviews for food handling and cooking practice

  • Special rates for restaurants / hotes with multiple locations


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Group Education: Workshop / Seminar


  • Small or large Group education on various tailor made topics

  • Strategies to manage diabetes / blood pressure / cholesterol / other conditions

  • Importance of healthy eating

  • Importance of nutrition in various life stages

  • Importance & sources of specific nutrients: Vit B12 / Vit D / Calcium / Iron

  • Importance of nutrients for skin / eyes

  • Importance of Nutritional labels

  • Nutrition and physical activity

  • Eating and budget

  • Cooking demonstrations & Recipes

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Employee Wellness Program
  • Lunch and learn programs: Workshops/ presentations/ group activities/ seminars

  • Importance of Nutrition for employee working in specific time & tasks

  • Shift work and Healthy diet

  • Managing conditions at work: Diabetes / Blood pressure / Kidney / GI / Heart problems

  • Eating well in Night shift & for extensive drivers

  • Healthy eating to stay active and alert

  • Special Corporate rates for individual consultations

  • Menu planning / reviews for Tuck Shops / Wending Machines / Cafeteria

  • Healthy lunches, snacks and cooking tips

  • Eating out: Restaurants / Food Courts / Tuck Shops / Cafeteria

  • Meal replacement

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